Oliver McGowan Tier 2 (Part 2)

Oliver McGowan Tier 2 (Part 2)

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Duration: 7 hours

Capacity: Up to 12 delegates

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand why autism is described as an invisible condition
  • Reflect on your own values and beliefs
  • Recognise potential differences, strengths and challenges for autistic people
  • Identify potential triggers for anxiety
  • Identify reasonable adjustments and ways to adapt your practice
  • Be familiar with legislation and resources for inclusive enabling services
  • Acknowledge and understand unconscious biases to avoid diagnostic overshadowing
  • Acknowledge and understand the learnings from the Learning from Lives and Deaths reviews (LeDeR) including co-morbidities
  • Stop the overmedication of people with a learning disability (STOMP and STAMP campaigns)
  • Understand what reasonable adjustments are and how to make them – review The Equality Act 2010
  • Understand when to use The Mental Capacity Act 2005
  • Understand when to use and how to apply do not attempt cardiovascular resuscitation (DNACPR)
  • Improve communication with a person with a learning disability (and their family)
  • Recognise the important role hospital passports and annual health checks play in the care and support of people with a learning disability

This course is delivered via Classroom training. Please contact us to schedule training.