PowerPoint 2019 - Level 3 Slide Content

PowerPoint 2019 - Level 3 Slide Content

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Seat time: 3 hours

About the course:

This course covers topics included in the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam 77-729. You will learn how to import slides, outlines, and create SmartArt, Hyperlinks, sections and headers. You will also create photo albums, text boxes and set print options.


  • Adding and Removing Slides
  • SmartArt and Hyperlinks
  • Headers/Footers and Sections
  • Formatting Text Boxes
  • Photo Albums
  • Printing Options

You'll learn:

Creating Slide Content

  • Add Existing Slides
  • Import Slides from Word
  • Save Presentation Outlines
  • Import Word Outlines
  • Save Slides as Images
  • View Exported Images
  • Delete Multiple Slides

SmartArt and Hyperlinks

  • Change Text Direction
  • Convert Text to SmartArt
  • Create Hyperlinks
  • Link Ranges from Worksheets
  • Use Paste Special

Headers/Footers and Sections

  • Use Headers and Footers
  • Add Footer Text
  • Insert Slide Numbers
  • Apply Headers and Footers-
  • Add Date and Time Fields
  • Add and Remove Sections
  • Name Sections
  • Expand and Collapse Sections
  • Move Sections

Formatting Text Boxes

  • Insert Text Boxes
  • Create Columns
  • Adjust Column Spacing
  • Change the Background Colour
  • Change Text Box Shapes
  • Format Text
  • Use AutoFit
  • Adjust Margins
  • Set a Default Text Box

Photo Albums

  • Create Photo Albums
  • Change Picture Order
  • Modify Photos
  • Add Text Boxes to Photos
  • Modify Photo Album Text
  • Add Image Effects

Printing Options

  • Print Presentations
  • View in Black and White
  • Use Grayscale View
  • Change the Slide Size
  • Apply Print Options
  • Print Notes Pages
  • Print Handouts
  • Print in Outline ViewUse Print Preview