PowerPoint 2019 - Level 2 Creating Presentations

PowerPoint 2019 - Level 2 Creating Presentations

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Seat time: 4 hours

About the course:

This course covers topics included in the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam 77-729. You will learn how to create and manage presentations, move and copy slides, and use Save As. You will also format text, alter slide backgrounds and use Slide Masters.


  • Slide Development
  • Opening, Saving and Closing
  • Moving and Copying
  • Formatting Text
  • Changing Slide Backgrounds
  • Using Slide Masters

You'll learn:

Slide Development

  • Apply Themes
  • Apply Variants
  • Change Slide Layouts
  • Use Placeholders
  • Enter Basic Notes
  • Add New Slides
  • Add Charts and Images
  • Add Media Clips
  • Add Tables and SmartArt

Opening, Saving and Closing

  • Open Presentations
  • Navigate the Open Box
  • Change File Views
  • Open Recent Presentations
  • Save New Presentations
  • Use the Save As Command
  • Save in Other File Formats
  • Save as a Template
  • Close Presentations

Moving, Copying and Formatting

  • Use Cut and Copy
  • Move Slides
  • Use the Paste Options
  • Copy and Duplicate Slides
  • Display the Clipboard Task Pane
  • Collect and Paste Multiple Items
  • Clear the Clipboard
  • Delete Text and Images
  • Delete Slides

Formatting Text

  • Change Fonts and Sizes
  • Apply Text Alignment
  • Change Text Colours
  • Change Case
  • Add and Remove Text Attributes
  • Use the Format Painter
  • Work with Bullets and Numbering
  • Change Line Spacing
  • Indent Bullet Points

Changing Slide Backgrounds

  • Apply Themes
  • Choose Colour Schemes
  • Apply to Selected Slides
  • Change Background Styles
  • Hide Graphics in Backgrounds
  • Use Gradient Fill Colours
  • Use Pictures for Fill Colours
  • Change Background Colours
  • Create Custom Colours

Using Slide Masters

  • Use Slide Masters
  • Change Font Colours
  • Insert Pictures
  • Create New Slide Layouts
  • Change Backgrounds
  • Insert Text Boxes
  • Rename Slide Layouts
  • Save Custom Themes
  • Apply New Slide Layouts