Menu knowledge

Menu knowledge

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Seat time: 60 minutes

Course overview:

What is a medallion?… where is the shank on a lamb?… which is a rump steak?…. what is a blue steak?… what does ‘sustainable sources’ mean?… is that a langoustine or a prawn?… what is hosmaki?… passion fruit or kiwi?…. what is the difference between a pannacotta and a creme brulee?… what is the difference in cheeses?…So many questions, so much jargon! Through a series of activities this module will really make you concentrate and develop your knowledge of food to ensure you are confident when asking customer questions, confident to ask your manager if there is something you don’t know on the menu and really add to your professionalism.


Operational front of house staff in hotels, restaurants and bars.


  • State why it is important to have a knowledge of food
  • Define frequently used culinary terms
  • Identify key ingredients of popular dishes

This course is CPD Certified and endorsed by the Institute of Hospitality