Excel 2019 - Level 6 Presenting Data Visually

Excel 2019 - Level 6 Presenting Data Visually

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Seat time: 2 hours

About the course:

This course covers topics included in the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam 77-727. You will create charts, move charts and add illustrations using Pictures, WordArt, SmartArt, and ClipArt. You will also learn how to add Alternative text, Shapes and Sparklines and use Outlining tools.


  • Creating and Modifying Charts
  • Adding Illustrations
  • Shapes, ClipArt and Sparklines
  • Outlining Worksheets

You'll learn:

Creating and Modifying Charts

  • Create and Resize Charts
  • Add Chart Elements
  • Change Chart Layout and Styles
  • Move and Copy Charts
  • Move to a Chart Sheet
  • Change Chart Types
  • Edit Charts
  • Modify Chart Parameters
  • Create Pie Charts

Adding Illustrations

  • Add WordArt
  • Create SmartArt Graphics
  • Create Multiple Text Levels
  • Apply SmartArt Styles and Colours
  • Format SmartArt
  • Insert and Format Pictures
  • Add Alternative Text
  • Use Artistic Effects
  • Modify Picture Borders

Shapes, ClipArt and Sparklines

  • Add Shapes
  • Add Clip Art
  • Use Screenshots
  • Create Text Boxes
  • Convert Text to WordArt
  • Delete Text Boxes
  • Add Sparklines
  • Clear Sparklines

Outlining Worksheets

  • Understand Outlining
  • Outline a Worksheet
  • Hide Outline Details
  • Show Outline Details
  • Select Outline Data
  • Remove Outline Levels
  • Manually Group Data
  • Remove a Group Outline