AgilePM®  Passport - Introduction

AgilePM® Passport - Introduction

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Seat time: 5 hours

About the course:

AgilePM® Passport is accredited by the APM Group to support self-study computer-based e-learning for the AgilePM® Foundation and Practitioner exams.


This course supports the background knowledge for the related certification exam (which learners must pass in order to achieve the formal Certification).

IMPORTANT: Please note that the certification EXAM IS NOT INCLUDED with this course. The exam can be purchased separately.

Benefits of method:

  • Introduction to the Agile way of working
  • Simple concise communication does not mean ‘no documentation’
  • Provides a high-level overview of the AgilePM® methodology, why it is used and where it fits in to the larger ‘corporate’ picture
  • Enables project team members to appreciate the structure of an AgilePM®-managed project and how they fit into that structure
  • A cost-effective solutiton for both individuals and organisations
  • Provides flexibility for those wishing to study at anytime, pace and place convenient to them
  • Online learning gives you the freedom to access from any location

Course content:

  • 2 modules with associated interactive and video presented lessons
  • Notes to support each lesson and references to further suggested reading
  • Forums, Progress Reports and Email Support
  • Interactive support materials and exercises to consolidate the learning Foundation level sample questions to test and embed the learning
  • Practitioner level sample questions to test comprehension of the subject

Introduction to Agile

Objectives; AgilePM® Source; Concerns and Issues; What is Agile? Agile Approaches; Agile Manifesto

AgilePM® The Basics

The Basics; What is negotiable? Philosophy; The 8 Principles explained; Focus on the Business need; Deliver on Time; Collaborate; Never Compromise Quality; Build Incrementally from Firm Foundations;