Word 2019 - Level 1 Introduction and basics

Word 2019 - Level 1 Introduction and basics

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Seat time: 3 hours

About the course:

This course covers topics included in the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam 77-725. You will learn how to create documents, open documents, and navigate between them. You will also use templates, save documents in other formats and modify Word option


  • Screen Components
  • Navigating Documents
  • Creating Documents and Text
  • Opening, Saving and Closing
  • Modifying Word Options

You'll learn:

Screen Components

  • Start Word
  • Identify Screen Components
  • Display and Hide the Ribbon
  • Use the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Display the Mini Toolbar
  • Hide and Display Rulers
  • Use Different Page View
  • Identify Status Bar Components
  • Change Zoom Settings

Creating Documents and Text

  • Create New Documents
  • Identify Mouse Pointer Shapes
  • Enter Text using Click and Type
  • Insert Date and Time fields
  • Use the Show/Hide Feature
  • Create New Paragraphs
  • Insert Line Breaks
  • Use Insert and Overtype Modes
  • Use Word Templates

Opening, Saving and Closing

  • Open Documents
  • Open Recently Used Documents
  • Use Search to Open Documents
  • Move Between Documents
  • Save Documents
  • Use the Save As Command
  • Save PDF Documents
  • Save Templates
  • Quit Word

Navigating Documents

  • Navigate in Read Mode
  • Use the Navigation Pane
  • Navigate using Shortcut Keys
  • Navigate in Print Layout View
  • Search Documents for Objects
  • Use the Go To Command

Use General Options

  • Modify Display Settings
  • Set Proofing Options
  • Specify Save Options
  • Set File Location Options
  • Add Editing Languages
  • Use Advanced Options
  • Modify the Ribbons
  • Modify the Quick Access Toolbar