PowerPoint 2019 - Level 5 Charts and Animations

PowerPoint 2019 - Level 5 Charts and Animations

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Seat time: 3.5 hours

About the course:

This course covers topics included in the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam 77-729. You will learn how to create and modify tables and charts. You will also apply transition effects and create animations and set options.


  • Constructing Tables
  • Modifying and Importing Tables
  • Creating Charts
  • Markers and Legends
  • Axis Titles and Data Labels
  • Transition and Animation Effects
  • Modifying Animations

You'll learn:

Constructing Tables

  • Add Table Layouts
  • Insert Tables
  • Split and Merge Cells
  • Enter Data into Tables
  • Edit and Delete Table Text
  • Add and Delete Rows and Columns
  • Select Rows, Columns and Tables
  • Change Row Heights
  • Modify Column Widths

Modifying and Importing Tables

  • Modify Tables
  • Apply Table Styles
  • Use Table Style Options
  • Modify Table Styles
  • Add Borders
  • Change Cell Alignment
  • Add Effects
  • Import Table Data
  • Update Tables

Creating and Modifying Charts

  • Add Charts to Slides
  • Create Column Charts
  • Enter and Edit Data
  • Switch Row and Column Data
  • Import Data from Excel
  • Create Pie Charts
  • Change Chart Types
  • Modify Chart Layouts
  • Select Chart Objects

Markers and Legends

  • Format Chart Objects
  • Add Chart Titles
  • Position the Legend
  • Change Marker Colours
  • Change the Chart Type
  • Modify the Chart Background
  • Remove Chart Objects

Axis Titles and Data Labels

  • Add Axis Titles
  • Show Gridlines
  • Change Data Series Spacing
  • Position Charts
  • Format Axis Titles
  • Add Data Labels
  • Modify Data Labels
  • Add Hyperlinks