Outlook 2019 - Level 3 Managing Messages and Contacts

Outlook 2019 - Level 3 Managing Messages and Contacts

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Seat time: 4 hours

About the course:

This course covers topics included in the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam 77-731. You will learn how to create folders, signatures, Quick Parts, use AutoArchive, export messages, and block Junk Mail. You will also create contacts and groups in the Address Book.


  • Using Signatures
  • Save As and Cleanup Tools
  • Junk Mail, Sorting and Quick Parts
  • Creating and Managing Folders
  • Adding Contacts
  • Creating Contact Groups
  • Working with Contacts
  • Creating Address Books
  • Working with Contact Groups

You'll learn:

Managing Messages Using Signatures

  • Understand Signatures
  • Create Signatures
  • Format Signatures
  • Edit and Delete Signatures
  • Add Signatures to Replies
  • View Signatures
  • Turn Off Signatures
  • Manually Add Signatures

Save As and Cleanup Tools

  • Save Messages as Text Files
  • Open Text Files
  • Save Messages as HTML files
  • Save Message Attachments
  • Export Messages
  • Use Cleanup Tools
  • Use AutoArchive
  • Ignore Conversations
  • Recover Conversations

Junk Mail, Sorting and Quick Parts

  • Identify Junk Mail
  • Change Protection Levels
  • Block Senders
  • Block Domains
  • Mark Messages as Not Junk
  • Add to the Safe Senders List
  • Sort Messages and Conversations
  • Create Building Blocks
  • Add Quick Parts

Creating and Managing Folders

  • Identify Folders
  • Work with the Folder List
  • Define Personal and Public Folders
  • Create Folders
  • Expand and Collapse Folders
  • Move Items into Folders
  • Rename Folders
  • Create Search Folders
  • Delete Folders

Managing Contacts and Groups Adding Contacts

  • Add New Contacts
  • Enter Contact Details
  • Change the File As Setting
  • Enter Websites
  • Enter Phone and Street Address
  • Add Contact Pictures
  • Enter Personal Details
  • Add Tags to Contacts
  • View Annual Events

Creating Address Books

  • Understand Address Books
  • Create New Address Books
  • Move Contacts
  • Copy Contacts
  • Select Address Books
  • Remove Address Books

Working with Contacts

  • Use the Contacts List
  • Edit Contact Details
  • Assign Categories
  • Create New Categories
  • Delete Contact Records
  • Call a Phone Number
  • Forward Contact Details
  • Add Contacts from Messages
  • Import Contacts

Working with Contact Groups

  • Open Contact Groups
  • Add Notes to Contact Groups
  • Update Member Details
  • Delete Contact Groups

Creating Contact Groups

  • Understand the Address Book
  • Create Contact Groups
  • Add Existing Contacts
  • Add New Contacts
  • Display Members
  • Create Private Contact Groups
  • Send Mail to Contact Groups