Excel 2019 - Level 3 Views and Layout

Excel 2019 - Level 3 Views and Layout

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Seat time: 3 hours

About the course:

This course covers topics included in the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam 77-727. You will learn how to use Excel views, and import and export files. You will also insert hyperlinks, add workbook properties, add headers, use Page Setup and the Print Place.


  • Excel Views
  • Custom Views
  • Importing, Forms and Exporting
  • Working with Hyperlinks
  • Workbook Properties
  • Headers, Previewing and Page Setup
  • Print Place

You'll learn:

Excel Views

  • Hide the Ribbon
  • Use Full Screen View
  • Open Page Layout View
  • Set Margins
  • Add Headers and Footers
  • Scale Worksheets
  • Open Print Preview
  • Use Page Break Preview
  • Using Page Breaks

Custom Views

  • Define Custom Views
  • Add Custom Views
  • Hide Rows for Custom View
  • Set a Print Area
  • Apply Custom Views

Workbook Properties

  • Understand Workbook Properties
  • View Workbook Properties
  • View Advanced Properties
  • Edit Workbook Properties
  • Add Custom Properties
  • Search Using Properties

Importing, Forms and Exporting

  • Import Files into Excel
  • Use the Text Import Wizard
  • Save Imported Files in Excel Format
  • Import Files Using Drag and Drop
  • Use and Navigate Forms
  • Delete Form Records
  • Add New Records
  • Search Form Records
  • Export Files in Other Formats

Working with Hyperlinks

  • Identify the Function of Hyperlinks
  • Create Hyperlinks
  • Activate Hyperlinks
  • Edit Hyperlinks
  • Create Web Hyperlinks
  • Select Hyperlinked Cells
  • Modify Hyperlink Text
  • Modify Hyperlink Styles
  • Remove Hyperlinks

Headers, Previewing and Page Setup

  • Use Built-in Headers and Footers
  • Create Custom Headers and Footers
  • Print Column and Row Titles
  • Change Page Orientation
  • Scale Worksheets for Printing
  • Use Print Place
  • Print Gridlines on Worksheets
  • Adjust Page Margins
  • Centre Worksheets on the Page

Print Place

  • Open the Print Place
  • Print Worksheets
  • Set Print Areas in Worksheet
  • Print Charts
  • Apply Print Options
  • Select Printers
  • Change Printer Properties