Excel 2019 - Level 2 Cells and Worksheets

Excel 2019 - Level 2 Cells and Worksheets

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Seat time: 2 hours

About the course:

This course covers topics included in the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam 77-727. You will learn cell selection techniques, how to move and copy data, add and remove cells. You will also search and sort data, format cells and work with multiple worksheets.


  • Cell Selection Techniques
  • Moving and Copying Data
  • Adding and Removing Cells 
  • Searching and Sorting Data
  • Cell Formatting
  • Using Multiple Worksheets

You'll learn:

Cell Selection Techniques

  • Select a Cell
  • Select Ranges of Cells
  • Select Columns
  • Select Rows
  • De-select Cells
  • Select Data Ranges
  • Select the Entire Worksheet

Moving and Copying Data

  • Understand Cut and Copy
  • Move Data in Worksheets
  • Move Data Between Worksheets
  • Move Data Between Workbooks
  • Use the Paste Options Smart Tag
  • Copy Data in Worksheets
  • Copy Data Between Worksheets
  • Copy Data Between Workbooks
  • Use the Office Clipboard

Adding and Removing Cells

  • Insert Columns and Rows
  • Delete Columns and Rows
  • Insert Cells
  • Delete Cells
  • Change Row Heights
  • Use Undo
  • Use Redo
  • Delete Cell Content

Searching and Sorting Data

  • Use Find and Replace
  • Search for Words
  • Identify Search Options
  • Use Find Next
  • Replace Single Occurrences
  • Use Replace All
  • Sort Data in Columns

Cell Formatting

  • Change Numeric Formatting
  • Modify Fonts and Sizes
  • Centre Text Across Columns
  • Align Data in Cells
  • Wrap Cell Text
  • Add Borders
  • Apply Text Attributes
  • Change Background Colours
  • Use Format Painter
  • Change Date Formatting
  • Clear Data and Formatting

Using Multiple Worksheets

  • Use Multiple Worksheets
  • Delete Worksheets
  • Insert Worksheets
  • Move Worksheets
  • Copy Worksheets
  • Rename Worksheet Tabs
  • Apply Colours to Tabs