Pressure management

Pressure management

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Seat time: 1-2 hours

Course overview:

In the competitive workplace, pride is often gained from facing high-pressure situations head-on. However, while a little pressure may keep you motivated, too much is bad for your health and not conducive to productivity. This Pressure Management training course will help you review and address your own levels of stress and give you the tools to bring balance to your personal and professional life. Topics covered in the course include emotional intelligence, optimism and prioritisation. You will complete the course with a clear vision of your overarching goals, and will be armed with a personalised toolkit for managing stress and dealing with anger.

Learning objectives:

  • Better understand pressure and how it affects you, in and out of the workplace
  • Have addressed your own level of stress and feel more in control
  • Have improved your levels of emotional intelligence, optimism and resilience
  • Have a personalised toolkit for managing stressors and dealing with anger.

Who should take this course:

Individuals wanting to improve their personal development skillset.