Active Listening

Active Listening

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Seat time: 2-5 hours

Course overview:

This Active Listening Skills course will help you improve your listening skills to build more positive and productive relationships, resolve conflicts and solve problems in the workplace and beyond. You will learn the art of remaining focused in a meeting, when listening to instructions or when in general conversation. By becoming a better listener in the workplace, you won’t need to waste time on follow-up communication as you will have all the information you need from the start. On completion of this short course you will be able to define active listening and its main elements, understand the importance of body language and eye contact and be able to solve common problems associated with listening skills.

Learning objectives:

Active Listening Skills is a course that will help you build better relationships at home and in the workplace. As well as earning 5 CPD points, on completion of the course you will be able to:

  • Increase your productivity
  • Resolve conflict at work and at home
  • Become a better problem solver

Who should take this course:

While this course focuses on active listening in the workplace, it is ideal for anyone because we could all benefit from improving our listening skills.